Everything about a safe visit

At long last, we’re open again! From 5 June, visitors are once again allowed into the museum and we’re thrilled to be able to welcome you back. Naturally our primary concern is to ensure that your visit is safe. You can order tickets online at: jck.nl/tickets. Check out what times we’re open here and keep an eye on our agenda to stay informed about upcoming exhibitions and events. 

Number of visitors 
Up to four people can visit the museum together, that’s not including children aged 12 and under. The Museum Association protocol states that groups of more than four are only permitted if everyone is part of the same family or household.

Online ticket sales 
For the present, tickets will only be sold online. Order your tickets by following this linkNote: it is also possible to order a ticket online at the reception.

It is no longer mandatory to wear a mask. However, you can continue to use them if desired. Special JCK masks are on sale in our museum shops!

Museum Café 
The rules for restaurants and bars apply in the reopened Museum Café. That means no more than 4 persons per table and 1.5 metres distance between tables. This does not include children aged 12 and under, and groups that are part of a single household are also exempt. Visitors receive a medical check when entering the museum and this is also where you can book a table in the Museum Café.

What steps can you take yourself?
The following rules apply for visitors, as outlined in the Museum Association protocol.

  • Don’t leave home if you’re feeling unwell. You’re more than welcome if you’ve been symptom-free for at least 24 hours. These are the symptoms to watch for: nasal cold, runny nose, sore throat, slight cough, temperature, fever (over 38 degrees Celsius) and/or shortness of breath. 
  • Visitors require a valid reservation ordered online in advance with a ticket showing the time and date booked (i.e. a specific start time); visitors should arrive on time, no earlier than 15 minutes before the appointed time, to avoid queues. Visitors may not be admitted without a prior booking.  
  • An audio tour is available in the museum. Please bring your own headphones or buy a set in the museum
  • Avoid using public transport, if possible; try to visit the museum using your own means of transport and confine your visits to museums in and around your hometown.  
  • Pay as far as possible using a contact-free bank pass (pin or phone).
  • School journeys for children aged 12 or under are subject to the latest recommendations by the Dutch government health department, RIVM, in consultation with the regional safety authority and the primary school concerned.  
  • Maintain a one-and-a-half metre social distance from other visitors not in your group.  
  • Always follow the hygiene regulations.  
  • Observe the instructions of museum staff and museum volunteers without fail. 
  • Keep to the designated route through the museum.

If you have any further questions, please refer to our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer there, contact us via info@jck.nl
See you soon!

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