The Institute of Ongoing Things

29 September 2018 until 24 February 2019

From 29 September 2018, an exhibition will be on display by the multidisciplinary artist Uri Katzenstein (1951-2018), who suddenly passed away in Tel Aviv on August 24. The Institute of Ongoing Things includes gender, hypocrisy and science fiction, and is a processing of personal and national traumas. Katzenstein, who was a leading artist in Israel with his work, created an installation for the museum that depicts an infinite visual library. This contains video works, which show rituals in a futuristic world, and sculptures with a fabricated identity in the image of the artist. In addition, autobiographical objects and cultural icons are also on display. Together with sound and movement of machines built by the artist, a multisensory experience is achieved.

Guest curator: Ronit Eden

Click here to see the exhibited work.

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