Face it! First Impressions Count

Stereotypes and prejudices in the Jewish Historical Museum

Jews have big noses, Arab men have beards, and Moroccans and Surinamese people have funny accents. Stereotypes and prejudices: we encounter them in social media and on TV, but also when we look at each other. We form our first impressions at the blink of an eye, based on the images we see and those with which we are already familiar. These first impressions have a function. But are the judgments we attach to them always right?

Face it! First Impressions Count, is an exhibition that examines the ways we form images of other people. The exhibition is divided into a number of themes: beard, voice, nose, eyes, and headdress. A succession of surprising historical and recent objects, documents, audio recordings, images, and video clips show that in society's current debate about cultural diversity there is plenty of grey to be found in between all the black and white.

Face it © Ruud van Empel
Ruud van Empel, Generation #3, 2011, cibachrome, 124x330cm. Collection Joods Historisch Museum


This exhibition is on view at the Jewish Historical Museum from 19 December 2016 until 17 April 2017.


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